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Red and grey curves

Building a fairer
podcast industry

Podcast Workers Australia is a community striving to create a fairer podcast industry.

Our members undertake roles across the industry and include producers, sound designers, hosts and audio engineers. We represent podcast professionals whose work includes some of the country's most celebrated, critically acclaimed and widely listened to audio programmes. We represent workers who are freelance or contracted, part-time, full-time, casual or between gigs.

We are working together to advocate for an industry in which podcast professionals are fairly compensated, have better working conditions, and can build sustainable careers.

When you join this community, you're supporting a fairer podcast industry.

Our Members

Kieran Ruffles

Melanie Bakewell

Nicola Harvey

Leoniel Degoro

Jac Lauren

Morven McIntyre

Evrim Sen

Martin Franklin

Lyndal Harris

Craig Garrett

Margaret Paton

Layla Palmer

Evan Munro-Smith

Maria Stoljar

Cherie Holland

Sophie Ellis

Anna Priestland

Rowena Murray

Sarah Steel

Rebecca Maakasa

Simon Beaton

Mike Liberale

Darren Scarce

Danni Stewart

Julia Carr-Catzel

Claudianna Blanco

Elise Cooper

Tiffany Dimmack

Kaspar Visser

Mia Lindgren

David Schreurs

Lem Zakharia

Paul Horan

Lawrence Bull

Claire Murphy

Alice Garner

Romy Sher

Gretchen Miller

Shiv Sumer

Corey Green

Mic Cavazzini

Ryan Pemberton

Courtney Carthy

Lindsey Green

Jennifer Macey

Lisa Divissi

Cheyne Anderson

Linda Bonney

Keeshia Pettit

Caddie Brain

Alex Tighe

Olivia Rosenman

Ian Curr

Helene Thomas

Shevonne Hunt

Emily Perkins

Justin McArthur

Anthony Dockrill

Rosa Serret

Francisco Lopez

Lea Redfern

Josh Brennan

Bronwin Patrickson

Lyndal Rowlands

Daniel Bacchieri

James Milsom

Ian Walker

Bindi Heit

Jaye Kranz

Alex Amster

Lindsey Green

Josh Butt

Myoung Jae Yi

Rob kaldor

Bonnie Lavelle

Xander Cross

Chiara Kemp

Max Gosford

Belinda Lopez

Ruth De Souza

Darius Kedros

Sana Qadar

Jacob Round

Jack Traynor

Bethany Atkinson-Quinton

Dan Schulz

Liz Clarkson

Louise Poole

Lia Tsamoglou

Karly Nimmo

Zacha Rosen

Jane Curtis

Mike Williams

Jon Tjhia

Michael Green

Nick King

Michelle Ransom-Hughes

Leith Alexander

Pariya Taherzadeh

Cinnamon Nippard

David McDonald

Sarah Bacaller

Megan Spencer

Joanne Helder

Mell Chun

Phoebe Adler-Ryan

Ethan Kavanagh

Alyssa Partington

Libby Noble

Chery Gladman

Josh Newth

Lucia Tuong Vy Nguyen

Thomas Phillips

Shareeka Helaluddin

Nathanael Little

Loretta Hart

Erielle Sudario

Lisa Taylor

Cara O'Brien

Natasha Mitchell

Miko Santos

Sarah Mashman

Roslyn Oades

Masako Fukui

Kyle McAuliffe Cronin

Ali Aitken

Rhys Gunter

Josh Liston

Elise Bradshaw

Ali Lemer

Phil Horn

Holly Mitchell

Jess O’Callaghan

Harry Hughes

Nic Huntington

Myjanne Jensen

Claudia Craig

Siobhan McHugh

Caroline Winter

James Milsom

Emily Naismith

Daniel Semo

Kate Lawrence

Janak Rogers

Laura Corrigan

Michelle Macklem

James Parkinson

Amelia Navascues

Ed Gooden

Jeremy Wilmot

Jay Gasser

Karla Arnall

Camilla Hannan

Celine Teo-Blockey

Catherine Green

Kyle Hopkins

Nicole Curby

Elle Marsh

Sam Loy

Rate Card

In order to create fair compensation and support the growth of the Australian podcast industry, Podcast Workers Australia has established a new industry standard for podcast rates. These standards aim to ensure that freelancers working in podcasting receive equitable compensation for their knowledge, valuable contributions and expertise.


Email podcastworkersaus (at) gmail (dot) com

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